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Budtender of the Month
September 13, 2023
Budtender of the Month: Ben from butter, Ann Arbor

What are your favorite Detroit Edibles and/or Cannalicious Labs products and why?

“My favorite Cannalicious product would be the RSO Rest Gummies. I do a lot of working and working out, as well, so at the end of the day, I am usually pretty worn out and I need something to help me rest and I think those RSO gummies really help, and they are really tasty. I also think the Twinpod is unique and a really cool idea. I constantly get questions about it and, overall, it's a really great product. In terms of Detroit Edibles, my favorite item so far that I have tried has definitely been Blue Razz SAP. I like to make an electric Lemonade with it.”

If you could dispel one myth or stigma about cannabis use, what would it be and why?

“Definitely that cannabis makes people lazy. I feel like, in terms of myself, it has done the opposite. It pushes me to try new things, be more social, explore, open myself up to new music, experiences and things I wouldn't have ever tried before.”

As a budtender, how do you stay informed of the latest products and trends in the cannabis industry?

“As a budtender mingling with other budtenders, for sure you gain a lot of knowledge, especially if people have worked in different places and tried different things. It's cool to talk to other people in the industry, as well, to get their perspectives. Working with the customers, you hear a lot of good and bad and you learn a ton by working with customers and listening to their needs. On top of that, anything social, Instagram, you know anything like that - cannabis is becoming more talked about in that realm.”

What makes the experience at butter beneficial for customers?

“So at butter, we like to go for a more customer-centered approach, really focusing on hospitality and meeting customer needs. I feel that we do a pretty good job of meeting each individual customer where they are at. For newer intimidated users, we are prepared to help them, but also seasoned cannabis users, as well. We carry a lot of reputable brands and have a lot of really knowledgeable people on the team that are willing to work with them and find them what they need.”