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Budtender of the Month
November 17, 2022
Budtender of the Month: Celine, Glass Jar of Monroe

What are your favorite Detroit Edibles and/or Cannalicious Labs products and why?

“The Fruity Cannabis Crispy! It has no weedy taste, it is made with quality materials, and it is a good steady high that does not leave me feeling like I need to go back for more. I'm also very fond of Cannalicious Live Resin. My favorite strain is the 'Out of Body Experience' because the quality of the product is high and it is not a harsh smoke at all. I'm also able to dab out of any device and have the same experience which is a big deal!”

Besides the obvious recreational benefits, what are some of the most common benefits of cannabis that you hear about from customers?

“One of the most common benefits that I hear about cannabis is that people experience better overall mental health. Cannabis is a great mood booster and specifically during this time of the year when seasonal depression is at its worst, cannabis is to great to pull you out of the slump.”

How did you get your start in the cannabis industry?

“I got into the cannabis industry because of my dad. He was diagnosed with cancer and was prescribed a number of different medications. These medications gave him adverse effects which lead him to grow and enter the caregiver community. Having felt the benefits of cannabis personally, we use cannabis to better our way of life.”

If you could dispel one myth or stigma about cannabis use, what would it be and why?

“That cannabis is the gateway drug. This is an unsubstantiated claim as there is no proven information that cannabis use leads to harder drug consumption. I feel that people have misinterpreted the plant and demonized the product instead of treating it as a source of healing.”

With the competitive cannabis landscape in Michigan, what sets certain brands apart from others?

“The interpersonal communication. Knowing the vendor is extremely important to us, and knowing they care about their brand. Seeing that they care about their brand's success means they are rooting for our mutual success because if one of us are doing well it means that both of use are. Products are important, but the people are what sets brands apart.”

When a first-time customer walks into your shop, what type of experience should they expect and how can a budtender ease any apprehension they may have?

“The first-time customer should walk into a welcoming environment. They should expect to be greeted warmly and treated well. My go-to question is “how do you want to feel” because in order for me to make a recommendation I need to know what they are feeling and how they want to feel. They should also be showing how products work and how they could potentially affect the consumer.”